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Friday, February 3, 2017

2017 Baseball Predictions

I have been asked over the last several weeks about my picks for the 2017 baseball season. My prediction for the two wildcard teams in the AL are Toronto and Houston.  A game in which the Astros will defeat the Blue Jays. The next round winners will be Boston and Cleveland with Boston capturing the American League title.

In the National League the Mets square off with the Giants in the wildcard with the Mets prevailing in that game. The Cubs and Dodgers win their respective series, and the Cubs beat the Dodgers for the National League title.

The Cubs win their first back-to-back titles in the 1907-1908, by beating the Red Sox in seven games. Now, you didn't really think I was going to go against the Cubs did you? Please feel free to leave comments, or twitter me at @jsph1959,  you can email them to me by going to my webpage.

AL East                                   AL Central                              AL West

Boston                                    Cleveland                                    Texas
Toronto                                   Detroit                                         Houston
New York                               Kansas City                                 Seattle        
Baltimore                               Chicago WS                                LA Angels
Tampa Bay                             Minnesota                                    Oakland

NL East                                   NL Central                              NL West

Washington                                 Chicago Cubs                          LA Dodgers
New York                                    St. Louis                                  SF Giants  
Miami                                          Pittsburgh                                Arizona
Philadelphia                                Milwaukee                                Colorado
Atlanta                                         Cincinnati                                 San Diego


  1. I can't wait for baseball season! Here's to a Nats-Cubs match-up in the NLCS! With the Nats winning, of course. :)

    You didn't really think I wouldn't root for my local team, did you? ;-)

    1. Who will close for the Nationals? Enjoyed your input.

    2. Who will close for the Nationals? Enjoyed your input.