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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Chicago Cubs: Tinker to Evers to Chance

Between 1902 and 1912 the trio of Joe Tinker shortstop, Johnny Evers second base, and Frank Chance. The trio were elected by the veterans committee in 1946 to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  During their time with the Cubs, they won 1907-1908 World Series, and four National League pennants. The only two World Series championship in Chicago Cubs history mastering the Detroit Tigers in both series.

 Franklin Pierce Adams of the New York Evening Post made the trio famous by penning the poem "Baseball's Sad Lexicon." It was originally titled "That Double Play Again" when it was published on July 12, 1910. The poem launched the trio into baseball immortality
It is well documented that Evers and Tinker didn't speak to each other after September 14, 1905. Evers took a cab to the ballpark leaving Tinker in the hotel lobby, and they ended up having a fist fight on the field. 

Frank Chance managed the Cubs from 1905-1912, and afterwards managed both the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. He was a lifetime .296 hitter and twice led the National League in stolen bases.  Tinker would be a player-manager for the Cubs and Cincinnati Reds. He only hit .262 in his career.  Johnny Evers would hit .270 over the course of his long career. In era of high batting averages, the trio were helped by the famous poem.

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