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Friday, May 26, 2017

Stormin' Gorman Thomas

Gorman Thomas was one of the most popular players in Milwaukee Brewers history. He hit 268 home runs with 782 RBI. His career battling was .225/.324/.448.

Thomas was a solid defender in centerfield until injuring his shoulder near the end of his career. He was part of the Brewers only World Series team. The 1982 Brewers were a hard hitting club that won the American League Pennant. Managed by Harvey Kuehn and were called Harvey’s Wallbangers.

Thomas would have his best season in 1979. He would hit 45 home runs and drive in 123 runs. He led the league in home runs, and would lead the league again in 1982 with 39. Five times in his career he hit 30 plus home runs in a season. He was also known for striking out, but remained popular with the Brewer faithful.

One season after going the World Series the Brewers dealt the popular outfielder to the Cleveland Indians in June of 1983. He would play for the Seattle Mariners from 1984-986, and finished the balance of the 1986 back with the Milwaukee Brewers.

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